Lindsay is with Fez again???

I really don't get her self-destructive tendencies or his weird chick-magnetism. (Lindsay AND Mandy--I like them both so much, they are so different, and yet both fell into his clutches...yeah, I totally don't care whether him and ashlee stupid-son are together, because she's annoying too)

innyhoo, sketchy photo evidence of alleged "lohanderrama" hook-up from perez hilton. Yet, no matter how sketch the evidence, I kind of believe it because L.Lo has a way of disappointing me like that. Speaking of which have you seen how blonde she looks all over again...why must you jerk us around like this lindsay?


Treenman said...

say whaaat?? lindsay is blonde again? i so didnt know that. are you feeling better my sweets? taking the vitamin c?

LCP said...

yes, a bit better (thank you) I should drink those jamba juices with vitamins b/c vitamins taste gross (@ least the weird organic ones @ my house do)