WTF of the Day

Sienna Miller has been painting with her breasts. The on-again-off-again sweetie of Jude Law has been in character to play Edie Sedgwick, one of Andy Warhol’s entourage, in “Factory Girl” and she’s been using her breasts to paint large canvases, which she has displayed in her London home. She explains: “I’ve got rooms covered in [bleeps].” [Source]
Blargh. I hate Sienna......like we really nee to know this. Ooh, she's such a trendsetter (and such a better role model than Kate Moss, if only we could all be as edgy and method as her.) Double Blargh.


katrina said...

isnt edie sedgwick suppoed to be on the fatter side? boo to the movie not making sienna gain a lot of weight and look ugly. the fact that she didn't want gain weight for the role annoys me even more than ever. i didn't think that could be possible because of my hatred of sienna, but i guess it is.

LCP said...

no no NO! edie sedgwick was reeeeeally skinny, you're thinking of bridget berlin
who lindsay lohan is (supposedly) playing

Anonymous said...

i like your use of the triple repeat of the word no, followed by the last one in caps. i can just imagine you now...screaming at my mistake. but it's still annoying how she gets the parts where she gets to be skinny. note sienna: you should follow charlize in monster... and stay like that.

LCP said...

wtf? why are we both up before 6? I feel really sorry for us. I think I need some tea.

dynamene said...

"Johansson doesn't believe in monogamy" - I don't think she knows what she's talking about. Serial monogamy is still a form of monogamy; it's not like she's polyandrous (although who knows what she does). And anthropologists and evolutionary biologists tell us that in no society on earth has there ever existed a stable polyandrous mating system. It's always been polygyny or monogamy, with an evolution toward monogamy with the advent of civilization and later liberal secular democracy.