LiMoLo Fucks Herself Up.............Again

Damns, Lindsay went to the hospital for like the kabillionth time because she got like "cut by a teacup" or some bullhockey....

This girl just don't quit. She's like that woman in Gray's Anatomy last week who wanted to live in the hospital forever because she was afraid that moving into the old folks' home would make her *gasp* old.......all I can say is: Accept your fate Lindsay Morgan Lohan you are growing old, bitch! Damn, you're like 20 going on dead.

Innyhoo, I looove the way Linds's mom describes el incidente:

“Lindsay was going up the stairs, carrying a ceramic teacup,” Dina Lohan told Star. “She had just come out of the shower, so she was still wet and had some lotion on, and she completely flipped on the stairs. … The teacup went flying, it was shattered and one of the pieces cut Lindsay on her shin.” [Source]

Sheesh, Dina! ".....still wet and had some lotion on"???? Way to pull a Joe Simpson and whore out your firstborn! *le tsk tsk*


kiv said...

they failed to say this accident happened while she was high off cocaine. ayy ohhh!! jorma and akiva forever!!
p.s. its grey's anatomy, not gray's anatomy. this is my payback for the quell thing.

LCP said...

yeah well, I just spelled it "gray's" because I was referring to the medical textbook not some lame-o girly dumbutt show...so there!

shmantathan said...

lol, there's now a *le tsk tsk*...i must master that...but first *le sigh*

LCP said...

hey shmantathan:

1st of all I done told you that I'm not necessarily even there if I'm invisible, therefore you better be ready for the cold shoulder (translation: me HAVING a life...........fine, I don't have a life.....but, um, being somewhere else) if you're going to go using your invisibility radar